About Frontus

Frontus building. Širvintos, Lithuania

Frontus is a family run cabinet door factory, established back in year 1992 and ever since focusing on the production of custom and exclusive hardwood cabinet door products. Our main manufacturing facility of 2,000 sq.metres is located 40 kilometers north from capital Vilnius, LITHUANIA. Frontus employs over 30 people who are involved in daily cabinet door manufacturing process.

Mostly handcraft-focused and precisely controlled wooden furniture component manufacturing facilities are supplemented by the onsite drying house and the sawmill premises so we could create valued wood products for our customers covering all the processes. We start manufacturing our cabinet doors with the cut of a tree... The process of making your cabinet doors continues by hand-picking the highest quality lumber possible. If there's a noticeable imperfection in the wood, workers will discard and use it for another purpose instead of furniture doors.

Experienced cabinet door design and production engineering people provide the expertise required for the constant development of new products from concept design to full technical task.

Kitchen door sanding

We at Frontus are proud of skilled woodworkers showing their passion to wood and precisely crafted products. Generations of carpenters stay and work hand in hand together for products that also last generations. Two-thirds of our workforce possess an in-depth understanding of traditional manual skills and craftsmanship in woodworking. Their created hardwood cabinet doors, and furniture is considered top class within high demanding customers. Each crafted and polished product is the result of years of hard work and evolutionary development.

Our sales and deliveries stretch from developing countries in the East to multiple developed countries in West.