Convex wood cabinet doors

New product line

Brand new model. Antique looking cabinet doors with rope mouldings and mitre joinery.

Pilasters for furniture

4 new pilasters

To give more of a classical taste to your furniture we've created 4 new wooden pilasters.

Classical solid wood cabinet doors

Most popular

Wooden cabinet doors from Milan series embody classical looks and beauty. This model is a clear winner in popularity.


Solid Wood Cabinet Doors

Learn the types of wood we use for manufacturing Solid Wood Cabinet Doors.


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About Frontus

Solid wood cabinet doors by Frontus

- have been manufactured over 25 years in a 3000 m² factory in Lithuania. Kitchen cabinet doors are produced only from the best hardwoods as ash, oak, birch. Our wood cabinet doors are mainly produced and used for kitchen cabinets. Find out more about us.