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Solid Wood Worktops

Solid wood worktops are manufactured according to your individual size measures. Our table-tops are created by matching the wood texture and grain to get a product of highest value.


Worktops are manufactured from solid raw hardwood. We use best prime grade Oak or Ash hardwood. Variable width (5-10 cm) staves are selected to match wood grain colour and pattern. Staves run for the full length of the solid wood worktop (unlike the finger jointed panels).


Table tops can be oiled with natural materials. Oiling can be renewed after several years. Solid wood worktops can also be lacquared with ecological substances, that are resistant to surface damage (scratches, hot materials etc). In addition table tops can get color treatment with varnishing or painting.

Worktop Price

Price is for finish-ready worktop. Excludes delivery & VAT. Lead time of 3 weeks.


Our ash and oak wood worktops get a 5 year warranty. After years of usage it's even possible to sand the table-tops and refinish them making them brand new again to serve for decades.